Spread the word about #BonaGivingDay23

Spreading the word on social media is one of the easiest ways to help us make the day a success.

The Essentials:
  • Website to make gifts and track progress: www.sbu.edu/bonagivingday. Use your personal giving day URL in all posts and messages.
  • Use these hashtags in all of your posts to be a part of the giving day conversation: #BonaGivingDay23.
Accounts to follow and tag
@BonasAlumni and @bonaventure
Quick Tips: 
  • Download all of the #BonaGivingDay graphics to use when you post and to share that you've made a gift.
  • Tag or email your friends/fellow alums and challenge them to make a #BonaGivingDay gift.
  • Connect your fundraiser to Facebook and tag and share with your friends and family. 
  • Try to share to Facebook multiple times throughout the day like when new challenges are issued are when you reach certain milestones (50% to goal, 5 gifts, etc). Ask you friends to contribute to reach the next goal. 
  • Keep an eye on your email for updates and messages indicating our success throughout the day. You can even share these to Facebook as well! 


    Monday, March 13
  • Participate in and share the #BonaGivingDay23 Social Media Contest
    Tuesday, March 14
  • Remind your friends and family via social media that #BonaGivingDay23 is arriving the next day.
  • Use and share the #BonaGivingDay23 Facebook frame.
  • If you're ready, #Wolfpack volunteers can make an early gift. Share "I GAVE" graphic on social media.
    Wednesday, March 15
  • Visit www.sbu.edu/givingday and make your gift.
  • Encourage everyone in your network to make a gift of any size to support St. Bonaventure. 
  • Update your posts throughout the day to keep your followers updated on the day's progress.
    Thursday, March 16
  • Thank everyone you reached out to who donated and share our #BonaGivingDay success!


Share your SBU stories and images of impact, hope, friendship, opportunity — whatever makes you proud to be a Bonnie. Tag us and use the hashtag #BonaGivingDay23. When you do, you might get lucky! Your post may be one of several selected to receive custom Bonaventure dress socks.

Share a story, a photo, or even a video, and remember to follow these rules to qualify:


      1. Make your post public
      2. Be sure to tag @stbonaventure
      3. Use the hashtag #BonaGivingDay23 in your posts
      4. Post anytime from March 13 - March 15 to qualify


Copy and paste any of the following Facebook posts and Tweets. Feel free to edit for your own voice. Don't forget to use your personal giving URL and some of the graphics provided. You can also share and retweet posts from any St. Bonaventure social media account.


  • Get your game faces on, Bonnies! #BonaGivingDay23 is less than 24 hours away. http://support.sbu.edu/bgd23. «insert your favorite game day meme, gif, etc.»

  • Make your gift! Tell others why you gave. «insert the I GAVE graphic»

  • BE BOLD. GO LIVE! Get brave and do a "live" video on social media, encouraging others to participate in #BonaGivingDay.

  • Game on, BONA NATION! #BonaGivingDay23 starts NOW! Join in and make a difference with your gift >>http://support.sbu.edu/bgd23.

  • On #BonaGivingDay23, the goal is for 1,500 donors to give back in 24 hours. I gave because I want to ensure that incredible opportunities are available for current and future Bonnies. Join me by making a gift now >> http://support.sbu.edu/bgd23

  • It's #BonaGivingDay23! Let's set a new record with 1,500 donors today! Give now >>http://support.sbu.edu/bgd23

  • Today's the day, Bonnies! 1,500 Donors. 24 Hours. Let's do this! Give now >>http://support.sbu.edu/bgd23

  • Big things can happen when Bonnies come together! This year, we face our biggest challenge yet. We need every Bonnie to reach our goal of 1,500 donors in 24 hours. Give now >> http://support.sbu.edu/bgd23

  • I have been blessed to be a part of this wonderful University. It's truly my second family. Join me in supporting #BonaGivingDay23 >> http://support.sbu.edu/bgd23

  • Every. Gift. Matters. You don't have to give a lot, just be in the starting lineup for today's #BonaGivingDay23. Give now >> http://support.sbu.edu/bgd23

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