When you support Students in Money Management, you help open career doors for all SIMM members.

Pictured: SIMM Members 2017-2018

"Getting the fund to a million dollars could give us more options such as breaking the fund into small cap, mid cap, and large cap funds." 
- AJ Loughry, Equity Fund Manager 

"I joined SIMM because it was instant friendship with those interested in the same things."
- Anonymous Freshman 

"SIMM has given me more opportunities than I could have ever imagined."
- Samantha Lancour, Operations Manager 

"I joined SIMM because it was an on-campus club that offered real-world experiences. Some of the brightest minds in the school of business lead SIMM and I wanted to learn from them." 
- David Yousif, Marketing Manage

"I joined SIMM to gain real-world financial experience in a fast-paced, team-focused environment." 
- Connor Murphy, HR Manager 

"I saw that everyone involved was very intelligent and had great jobs after graduation. SIMM also seemed like a club that had a lot of fun." 
- Adam Talmadge, Manager of Energy Fund

"I noticed they (SIMM) were talking about parts of finance that I didn't directly learn from my classes and it gave me a better sense of what the real working world entailed." 
- Alex Pochop, Senior Analyst of Financials and Fixed Income 

"I joined SIMM after finding out how strongly the alumni help the members of the club after school and to differentiate myself from other finance majors in the job pool." 
- Gunnar Schifley, Co-General Manager

"SIMM gives us real-world experience through a hands-on approach that is not available in a lecture-based class."
- Alex Feyche, Head of Analytics 

"It seemed like a great way to get involved on campus, and I thought the real-world experience would be advantageous when interviewing for internships and jobs." 
- Caitlin Cook, HR Manager 

"I joined SIMM because it gives us a chance to get real-world, hands-on experience in finance." 
- Sydney Cassagnol, Co-Equity Fund Manager