Spread the word about #BonaGivingDay on Social Media

Please help us spread the word about #BonaGivingDay. Every post will contribute to the success of the day. Here's what you can do to be a social media advocate.

Quick Tips:

  • Always include #BonaGivingDay in your posts.
  • Always include this link to make a gift: www.sbu.edu/BonaGivingDay
  • Don’t forget to follow St. Bonaventure's social media handles. Retweet, share, and like content to help increase exposure.
  • Change your cover photo to a #BonaGivingDay graphic. You have several different choices to download here.
  • Keep an eye on your email. We'll be sending updates and messages indicating our success throughout the day. We may need your support for a last-minute push or additional challenges we receive through the day.

Not sure what to say? Below are sample Facebook posts and tweets that you can copy and paste or use as a starting point. Don't forget to change your Facebook cover page using some of the graphics provided. You can also share and retweet posts from @StBonaventure


Before the day.

The 2nd annual #BonaGivingDay is on Thursday, February 23, 2017. Please join me on this day and make a donation to support St. Bonaventure University students. Learn more at www.sbu.edu/bonagivngday. #BonaGivingDay

#BonaGivingDay is coming up on 2/23/17. Show your support to St. Bonaventure and make an impact in the lives of our students through a gift to The Bonaventure Fund. Learn more at www.sbu.edu/bonagivingday. #BonaGivingDay

On #BonaGivingDay

I donated to #BonaGivingDay. Visit www.sbu.edu/bonagivingday to see how much has been raised and to make a donation of your own. Not only will your gift make a difference in the lives of students, you can also help the University unlock an additional $117,000 in challenge dollars!

#BonaGivingDay is here. Help us break last year’s record and make history once again. Join me in supporting St. Bonaventure and its students with a gift to The Bonaventure Fund at www.sbu.edu/bonagivingday.


Before the Day

#BonaGivingDay is on 2/23/17. Join me by making a donation to support SBU’s students: www.sbu.edu/bonagivingday

February 23 is the 2nd annual #BonaGivingDay. Learn how you can play a role at www.sbu.edu/bonagivingday!

On #BonaGivingDay

I donated to #BonaGivingDay! Be part of this day with a gift to The Bonaventure Fund www.sbu.edu/bonagivingday.

#BonaGivingDay is today! See how much has been raised and donate at www.sbu.edu/bonagivingday.


Advocacy Schedule

Wednesday, February 22

  • Remind your friends and family via social media that #BonaGivingDay is arriving the next day.

Thursday, February 23

  • Visit and make your gift.
  • Encourage everyone in your network to make a gift of any size to support St. Bonaventure.
  • Update your posts throughout the day to keep your followers updated on the day's progress.

Friday, February 24

  • Thank everyone you reach out to who donated.
  • Celebrate Bona Pride Day by wearing your favorite Bona gear.
  • Post a photo showing your Bona Pride to your social media pages. Be sure to share with Bona's Alumni Facebook Group and the University's Twitter page.