Buffalo Bonnies

Dear Buffalo Bonnies:

Do you have dreams of your kids and/or grandkids going to Bona’s? Can you picture them sprawling in the quad on a beautiful day or heckling the third baseman of the opposing team while sitting on the hill during a baseball game or doing the Bona clap in the RC? Please consider donating $10 or $20 today.

I know we all have bills to pay, mouths to feed, student loans that keep us up at night, and much more going on... BUT Bona's literally exists because of its amazing alumni base. That's us!

Donate a little today to help fund scholarships and keep our favorite place going strong for generations to come. The collective little goes a long way. Plus, it's a friendly competition with the other chapters. Let’s keep Buffalo in the No. 1 spot!

Go Bonnies!
Emily Ciraolo, ’08 ’09

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