2023 BonaGivingDay

St. Bonaventure Class of 1992!
St. Bonaventure Class of 1992!

SBU Class of 1992


ignite. inspire. invest. 


#BonaGivingDay23 is your way to help new students and the overall university meet the growing demands outlined above.

How can you help?

1. The amount you contribute is not as important as the fact that you donate! Anything and everything is appreciated!

2. You can set SBU in our online bill payment for a monthly deduction. This allows SBU to better forecast what donations will come in monthly/annually and SBU is asking Alumni to consider this option

3. Being a top donor is as simple as a cup of coffee. Did you know Men spend about $2,327 per year on coffee, while women spend about $2,078 each year? While I know people love coffee, we all love St. Bonaventure more (or as much for the truly dedicated coffee drinkers). Donating a portion of your "coffee" to SBU can change lives and allow students to have an experience and opportunity to forever change their lives - both personally and professionally! For the cost of a coffee, you can change the lives of prospective students and future Bona Alumni!

4. Did you know that you can Venmo SBU a donation on giving day (or any other day) at @Bonasgiving?

5. Last year, the class of 1992 won the alumni challenge (thanks to all). Our goal for #BonaGivingDay23 is to win by having the largest number of participants of any class.

Thank you in advance for remembering SBU on #BonaGivingDay23. On behalf of the Alumni Council’s Advancement committee, we appreciate your time, generosity and dedication to St. Bonaventure!


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#BonaGivingDay23 Top Teams:

  1 -  $2,500 SBU Florida Alumni ($31,550.00)
  2 -  $2,500 SBU Class of 1992 ($16,769.00)
  3 -  $2,500 Boston Bonnies ($7,425.00)
  4 -  $2,500 NYC Bonnies ($7,175.00)
  5 -  $2,500 Class of 2003 ($6,810.03)
  6 -  $2,500 Charlotte Bonnies ($6,774.61)
  7 -  $2,500 SBU Early 80's Alumni ($6,425.00)
  8 -  $2,500 Class of 1976 ($5,423.00)
  9 -  $2,500 Pittsburgh Bonnies ($5,289.00)
  10 -  $2,500 Central/South Jersey Bonnies ($5,050.00)
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